Dedrone Launches DedroneTracker 5.0 and DedroneGuardian

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Dedrone protects people, property, and information from drone threats. Our team has been hard at work to make airspace security easy and effective for our customers. Airspace security is simply an extension of your existing security system. It is no longer simply an anti-drone mentality; with more productive “worker drones”, security teams need to allow the good drones and identify the bad drones. Starting with our “plug and play” system, which can be installed in less than 15 minutes with no specialized tools required, security teams can gain immediate insights into their drone activity.

Across the world, drone regulations are being passed, supporting the productive use of drones in our society leading to the inevitable increase in the number of drones in our airspace. Organizations, from critical infrastructure sites, correctional facilities, public events, military installations, and airports, are leading the way with assessing their airspace – as of June 2021, over 1,000 DedroneSensors have been sold across 33 countries globally. 

Dedrone is the most trusted provider of smart airspace security. DedroneTracker 5.0 has achieved the highest levels of software security, certified by Veracode. Veracode Verification provides DedroneTracker 5.0 the assurance that they can confidently manage their airspace security and understand that the security of the software is constantly tested and resilient against vulnerabilities

Airspace security is becoming a wide-scale, cooperative effort, with capabilities being launched globally such as Remote ID to monitor cooperative drone activity. Dedrone actively supports large-footprint commercial organizations and governments to detect, identify, locate, and mitigate their potential drone threats, with our latest software upgrade, DedroneTracker 5.0

  • Friend or foe?: Today’s drones provide drone pilots with the most advanced communication, and are ideal for use in disaster recovery, delivery, security, and flying beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). DedroneTracker 5.0 is capable of discerning between productive and unauthorized drones, based on a variety of inputs, including Remote I.D., launch location, and more. DedroneTracker 5.0 users can immediately detect and know if they are observing a friendly worker drone, or an unfriendly, hostile, or unknown drone. DedroneTracker 5.0 users will continue to have access to U.S. and E.U. Remote ID capabilities, which Dedrone introduced in February 2021.
  • Highest Level of Application Security Verified by Veracode: DedroneTracker 5.0 software security has been tested and certified at the highest level by Veracode, an independent provider of cloud-based application intelligence and security verification services. Additionally, new features include Two-Factor Authorization and Advanced Password Protection.
  • Added Localization (direction finding) of Wi-Fi drones: Early warning, identification, and localization of Wi-Fi-enabled drones are provided through DedroneSensors RF-360 and RF-300. DedroneTracker 5.0 fuses this data from DedroneSensors to provide increased location accuracy for even more drones.
  • Enhanced Video-Enabled Drone Detection: DedroneTracker 5.0 is an intelligent AI/ML platform, now providing faster and more reliable optical-based drone detection. DedroneTracker 5.0 analyzes video feed from PTZ cameras, and now produces video feed of detected drones with lower latency and improved image quality. See Dedrone Detection with video, here.


Easy, Accessible Airspace Security with DedroneGuardian

Dedrone’s network of airspace security customers spans military/government deployments, critical infrastructure, prisons, airports, stadiums, and corporate campuses. While the drone threat varies based on the facility, from national security, surveillance, smuggling, or cyber hacking – the security provider’s needs remain the same – to extend physical security into the sky.

DedroneGuardian is now available for all security providers to access an all-in-one complete product line for total airspace security. Available either for fixed-site deployments or as a mobile, rapid response model, DedroneGuardian provides security teams a quick-to-deploy, complete airspace security platform. For organizations that are ready to launch an entire drone detection and risk mitigation program, DedroneGuardian is the ideal solution.


Rapidly deploy DedroneGuardian and receive:

  • Continuous risk assessment: Create a baseline of drone activity and understand when drones are more frequently arriving, and determine potential drone launch sites.
  • Maintain situational awareness: Ensure no drone goes unnoticed, whether it is a friendly worker drone or an unauthorized drone. DedroneGuardian includes access to Remote ID and detection of cooperative drones.
  • Drone Localization: Track down drones and their pilots to either apprehend pilots, halt flights, or record flights for forensic evidence.
  • Access Complete Airspace Security Analytics: Build and advance your understanding of your airspace, and maintain complete airspace domain
  • Flexible Deployment with DedroneCloud or On-Prem: Choose your deployment option based on your site’s security needs. Mobile deployments, such as military sites, public events, or disaster sites, may have specific connectivity requirements. Rapidly deploy DedroneGuardian flexibility, on-premise or in the cloud, and assess drone threats with ease.
  • Includes radar and camera for increased visibility: DedroneGuardian comes with radar and cameras, for security providers to achieve long-range detection, detection of autonomous drones, and enabling the user to visually verify the drone and its payload.

Post-COVID Drone Activity Requires Cities to Develop Smart Drone Integration and Airspace Security Programs

Cities today, such as Berlin, Germany, deploy Dedrone technology to detect and observe their drone activity. In the future, all cities will inevitably require complete airspace awareness on their drone activity. COVID-19 related shutdowns accelerated use-cases for drones, and with more drones in the skies, come more exposed vulnerabilities. Security teams must be aware of how to differentiate the drones that are a part of their program and expose an unauthorized or hostile drone in their area.

The world's most secure organizations rely on Dedrone for automated, continuous protection of their airspace against unauthorized drones. DedroneTracker 5.0 and DedroneGuardian make it easier than ever to ensure airspace security across all types of facilities, from a live event to an entire city. Dedrone works with network providers such as Vodafone Business, Swisscom, and smart city networking technology companies such as Axis Communications for complete cooperation between city managers and security providers who want to protect their airspace against drone threats.

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Dimitrij Borisov

About the author

Dimi is the QA Manager at Dedrone, driving Dedrone’s software and hardware product quality and release management for Dedrone products, including DedroneTracker, since 2016.

Dimitrij Borisov

Originally published Jul 20, 2021, updated Jan 15, 2022