Axis Communications and Dedrone continue to collaborate on airspace security programs for global organizations, leading the counter-drone market with a fully integrated multi-sensor platform. Since our initial partnership began in 2017, Dedrone has developed and advanced the DroneTracker platform to perform with the most advanced optical detection capabilities available on the market. 

As an Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Dedrone developed a platform solution that aggregates data from our RF-detection sensors and advanced video analytic algorithms, which is fed by video footage from Axis network cameras. This combined information establishes a wide area detection, enables visual localization, and allows for mitigation.  

In Dedrone’s contributed Axis blog post, “Increasing protection with drone detection analytics," we discuss further how this connection of detection technologies works. When Axis PTZ cameras are connected to Dedrone’s DroneTracker software, the counter-drone technology system can begin to analyze the video stream. The software learns from the scene and makes a note of all obstacles, such as trees, and movement patterns,like a local highway or aircraft trajectories. Once DroneTracker classifies an object as a drone through means of radio frequency and visual detection, it begins automatically recording and ensures the clearest line of sight with the drone and its flightpath.  

Since the beginning of our partnership, Dedrone has advanced the DroneTracker platform, bringing in new capabilities such as automatic flight recording. As drones maneuver through the airspace, Axis PTZ cameras can be prompted by DroneTracker to automatically mimic the movement, providing increased visual awareness of the vehicle’s identifying features and payload. In the case of multiple drones, DroneTracker will prompt the PTZ camera to coordinate their behavior intelligently. Together, Axis cameras and DroneTracker provides forensic data of drone activity that can be used to secure protected assets, people, and infrastructure from unwanted drones. 

  As drones evolve and advance in the global market, so must counter-drone technology and security systems to detect and protect against them. Dedrone and Axis Communications continue to invest and develop in each other’s programs, creating a collaborative,best-in-class counter-drone technology platform. With Dedrone’s open-systems architecture, security professionals looking to prevent drone intrusions can access the market-leading drone detection and optical capabilities for critical infrastructure, enterprises, smart cities, and defense organizations.  

Susan Friedberg

About the author

Susan is the Director of Communications at Dedrone and has researched, developed, and led the conversation on drones, counter-drone technology, and airspace security since 2016.

Susan Friedberg

Originally published Oct 22, 2019, updated Aug 14, 2022