Following drone sightings near airports, cities are investing in technology to counter the danger. Claudia Cowan of Fox News reports how Dedrone technology can identify drone activity and help prevent dangerous incursions and worrisome interruptions to airport operations.

‍The FAA provides evidence that there are thousands of reported drone sightings over active runways every year.  Many of these do not result in airport shutdowns, however, Cowan shares that “the threat of catastrophe warrants tougher action by the FAA.” 

‍Mike Boyd, an aviation expert and President of Boyd Group International, Inc. provides additional perspective on the risks of drones at airports, “This is a systemic aviation problem which means it’s a problem for the FAA. And just simply passing more rules and regulations isn't going to fix the issue at hand, which is the safety and security of our airports and of our cities against misuse of drones. That is not in place yet.” 

Drone detection technology provides evidence of the presence of drones at airports. Dedrone works with airports around the world to develop security programs that protect their operations and airspace from any interruptions. Airports that incorporate Dedrone’s detection technology into their security ecosystem can then develop a data-driven airspace security program, and understand and directly address the vulnerabilities in their airspace.

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Susan Friedberg

About the author

Susan is the Director of Communications at Dedrone and has researched, developed, and led the conversation on drones, counter-drone technology, and airspace security since 2016.

Susan Friedberg

Originally published Jun 25, 2019, updated Dec 4, 2023