DJI is the world leader in unmanned aerial technology, and creator of renowned consumer and commercial drones. Their Mavic, Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Series are widely used by drone enthusiasts for their portability, stability, maneuverability and safety features. Their Phantom 4, one of the most popular drones on the market, has integrated computer vision software which allows it to fly autonomously, and dodge obstacles and track movement. On the commercial side, DJI offers the first filmmaking drones in the world that integrate an HD video transmission system, 360° rotating gimbal and a 4K camera, which have been designed for professional filming and aerial imaging.

What sets DJI apart from all other drone manufacturers is their proprietary digital downlink offering, called Lightbridge, and their successor, OcuSync. Lightbridge is revolutionary and extremely powerful technology, providing a transmission of data from the hardware to the pilot or base station. DJI’s drones with Lightbridge and OcuSync can connect to the internet through their remote control, and livestream video to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Dedrone’s patented DroneTracker has the broadest spectrum of detecting and classifying radio frequency protocols in drones, including DJI’s Lightbridge and OcuSync.

DroneTracker can classify and organize information from the entire DJI product line through the Lightbridge digital downlink. With this information, Dedrone can passively detect when a DJI drone is within protected airspace, use the data to support locating the flightpath of the drone, and archive this information it for future forensic evidence.

What sets DroneTracker apart from any other detection program in the world is its passive detection and frequency scanning capability. By being a passive detection system, DroneTracker does not need a license to operate, unlike other active detections system. An active system such as radar, emits radio waves, which may conflict with FCC regulations and federal law. Other active drone detection systems have significant barriers to use, as they require a costly process to comply with FCC regulations, and even then, cannot accurately identify the DJI Lightbridge signal.

“Dedrone’s software platform is being deployed today across the world, with absolute success in detecting the DJI suite of products,” shares Dirk Backofen, Head of Telekom Security. “When a single drone manufacturer is able to create a proprietary offering, such as Lightbridge, this makes a barrier for most detection programs to accurately pick up a drone’s signals. This connection between Dedrone’s DroneTracker and DJI Lightbridge shows how the company is committed to detecting all drones, and is advancing every day as the drone market continues to innovate.”

For more information on DroneTracker and our capabilities to detect mainstream drones, including the DJI product line, visit here.

Friederike Nielsen

About the author

Friederike has accompanied the development of Dedrone into a key player in airspace security technology from the very beginning.

Friederike Nielsen

Originally published Apr 4, 2017, updated May 22, 2024