The Dedrone team was thrilled to welcome John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco, to our office today.

He joined our team for an afternoon of brainstorming and strategy sessions, a tour of the office, and demonstration of the DroneTracker software platform. As the world’s most prominent industrial leader, he challenged out team in every single department within the company, from sales, business development, engineering and marketing.

Topics of discussion included strategic hiring, best practices in scaling the organization, and sales execution. Thank you John, for energizing our team and providing invaluable insight on your experience guiding startups across the world. It’s an honor to have you as a part of the Dedrone team, and we look forward to growing our company with you on our side.

Susan Friedberg

About the author

Susan is the Director of Communications at Dedrone and has researched, developed, and led the conversation on drones, counter-drone technology, and airspace security since 2016.

Susan Friedberg

Originally published Mar 29, 2017, updated Aug 14, 2022