Since Dedrone’s establishment in 2014, our company has developed the world’s leading counter-drone technology platform, which has been deployed across the world and helps organizations stay ahead of drone (sUAS) threats. Over the years, we have committed to creating an open system architecture which integrates the best in class technologies to detect and defeat sUAS. This includes sensor technology, like RF, cameras and radar, as well as defeat technology. ‍

As sUAS advance and the airspace security threat evolves, so must organizations focus on addressing the security gap in the lower airspace. Organizations like correctional facilities, utilities, airports, and militaries are all actively detecting drones and protecting their organizations, and building out new counter-sUAS programs to defeat the sUAS threat.

Along with these advancements comes the opportunity for company expansion. Dedrone is proud to announce today the acquisition of DroneDefender, a counter-sUAS system, as well as the launch of our new consultancy, Dedrone Defense. 


Introducing DroneDefender, our newest product to provide organizations with a safe and effective way to counter-sUAS that threaten U.S. military and federal operations.


DroneDefender, which was developed by Battelle Memorial Institute, is a non-kinetic, radio frequency sUAS countermeasure. Dedrone and Battelle have been testing and integrating our technologies since 2017. Dedrone is now the sole owner and manufacturer of DroneDefender. This technology is currently only available for U.S. customers with authorization to use active counter systems against sUAS.


Introducing Dedrone Defense, our team of leaders who support U.S. federal organizations and agencies in their fight against unauthorized or hostile sUAS


Our acquisition of DroneDefender drives the establishment of Dedrone’s new counter-sUAS solutions provider and consultancy called Dedrone Defense, and allows us to continue delivering industry leading counter-sUAS solutions to the U.S. federal market. 

Dedrone Defense will be based in our Sterling, VA office and will provide essential tools for all federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), to assess their airspace activity, understand the severity of sUAS threats, protect assets, and eliminate unauthorized sUAS-based threats. 


Continuously Advancing Counter-Drone Technology to Meet Today and Tomorrow’s Drone Threats


Drones have been a valued asset for the warfighter and in surveillance, and today, are being used to provide new solutions for agriculture, security, inspection, and videography. The technology is being developed at a rapid pace to fly at longer distances, faster speeds, and with increasing payload capacity. Key to the success of integrating drones into our national airspace is collaboration that matches the speed of innovation, while also addressing and preparing for the emerging security gaps that drones pose in the national airspace.

Each counter-sUAS system must be able to integrate the best in class technologies for each installation, which requires an open-system software architecture. Dedrone’s open API allows each customer to customize their solution to meet their unique needs and environment, and Dedrone provides the best in class options for each site and problem set. 

The Dedrone global team, including Dedrone Defense, is the market leader in counter-drone technology and provides organizations around the world, including enterprises and militaries, with the tools necessary to assess and address all sUAS threats.  

Note: This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission before it can be marketed to non-Federal users. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased in the United States, other than to the United States government and its agencies, until authorization is obtained. Under current law, the DroneDefender device may be used in the United States only by authorized employees of the Federal government and its agencies, and use by others may be illegal. 

Susan Friedberg

About the author

Susan is the Director of Communications at Dedrone and has researched, developed, and led the conversation on drones, counter-drone technology, and airspace security since 2016.

Susan Friedberg

Originally published Oct 8, 2019, updated Oct 16, 2021